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183. Comment #486132 by Steve Zara on May 3, 2010 at 4:38 pm

He would be a very powerful ally.
Would be? I think you're a bit late in this assessment. Mr. Maher IS a powerful ally. Perhaps you think he could be more powerful if he would adopt your views on vaccination. Fine. You've made a most cogent argument, that is now becoming an argument ad nauseum.

Have you considered for one moment, that perhaps Bill Maher's current "power" is based on his talent as a comedian, and his unique ability to attract viewers to his television show?

Now stay with me... what kind of people comprise a Bill Maher audience? I'll venture a guess: a diverse, liberal audience, including those with religious views, and "anti-big-medicine" views which run counter to science and reason.

So, should Bill Maher simply jettison a large part of his audience wholesale, by performing a 180-degree turn in public on the issue of vaccinations? This would not make him more powerful -- it may make him less powerful.

I think it is a bit presumptuous to think we understand the vagaries of Hollywood. Bill Maher answers to powerful people, too, and these people may have quirky views themselves.

What if your own boss (assuming you had one) had views like Bill Maher's? Would you constantly harrass him about changing them for the good of science and reason? You may find yourself in the absence of a PAYCHECK, which certainly won't help you purchase any vaccination medicine.

My point is that there are constraints that you are not accounting for in your argument. To dismiss these constraints out of hand is ignorant and unproductive.

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