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And here we are already exposing the limitations of the new site:

1) It's a blog. Blogs don't scale, even with tags. Most blogs, when they outgrow the format, add a forum. I'm guessing that's not about to happen here!

2) Tags only work if they're consistently applied. The very same admin who just yesterday added a WEBSITE tag starts a thread about the website, but doesn't use the WEBSITE tag.

*shakes head*

*doesn't hold high hopes for the success of this venture*

What would usually happen at this point, in a competently managed site, would be that the original posting for this thread would be repeatedly edited to contain two lists - known outstanding issues, and recently resolved issues.

/Mike, if the five minute edit time limit does not apply to original posts, or to you, I'd suggest it may make things easier (for you, and everyone else) if people could see the list of known issues before posting here. Nobody should have to read through all the comments to find out whether an issue is already known, especially when even reading this site (what with all the formating/quoting/edit timeout snafus) is so much harder than it needs to be.

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