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A couple of things.

"WEBSITE" tag added. I'd forgottten that was added to the list. Thanks for reminding me.

Yes, trying to manage issues via a comment/forum type thread is difficult. We do have an issues database where we are logging and updating. This is a sort of catchall place for people to post issues. It's not a place for a opinions. We want to keep this thread as focused as possible.

I will post something by tomorrow where we can have just a summary of the issues so that people know what's been reported and what if any the resolution is. In the database itself I sometimes combine related issues so the log won't be verbatim what is in comments here or elsewhere. The title of an issue might be something like "Linix/Firefox and Quote do not work". Lots of issues have been corrected but it would probably help if you knew :-)

The old archived forum has not been linked in yet. It will be.

I like html as well and it gives complete control over what you want to do but it introduces security issues. Andrew and I chatted about automatically converting some some things so that a user interface to html isn't necessary. As noted though we've got people on Linux, Mac and PC and whatever browsers are out there so it often hard to get everything to play together nicely.




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