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 Yes, trying to manage issues via a comment/forum type thread is difficult.

I'm not suggesting you manage the issues here, just that you do people the politeness of letting them know where you're up to so they don't have to work it out themselves by reading pages and pages of (poorly-formatted) comments, something you say even you are finding difficult. 

Politeness is not difficult, and if consideration for your users is not a big enough motivator (it should be), then you also get a payoff in terms of the focus your after. No point leaving it till tomorrow, unless you expect that there will still be a material number of unresolved issues then, or the list of current issues would break the length limit.

Anyway, while you're collating your list, you can add the fact that your fancy comment entry box breaks Firefox's spellchecker. I use other forums/blogs where formatting is available but the Firefox spellcheck still works (anything phpBB or IPB-based, for example, and even WordPress sites, or, to put it another way "every other site I use").

Of course, that may already be on the list, and I may be cluttering this thread with a known issue.

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