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Will check in when the professionals have sorted out this beta-seeming mess. 


I'm not sure professional help is planned. That said, I use several far superior sites that are implemented, customised, and managed by amateurs. Perhaps tapping the userbase to volunteer their skills would have been a better strategy than telling them all to fuck off and stop polluting the oasis.

I'm sure there are plenty here who have, between them, centuries or even millenia of experience in avoiding the sort of schoolboy cockups that have attended this project from the management of change to both the forum and front page, to the expectation management regarding delivery times, and to the implementation itself, the less said about which the better. I personally am good for 22 years of experience in such project management, and I expect there are dozens or hundreds more like me.

All in all, the level of competence on display here does not compare well to the first-year university students who came to the company I worked for for work experience placements. Given that this is a high-profile website dedicated to science and reason, this unprofessionalism is twice as damaging as it would be to a website for, say, poodle owners, because attention to detail and mastery of the complex is not part of what they're all about.

/Mike, I understand you can't really say that it's all been a bit of a disastrous failure, but the fact that you seem to sincerely think it's all settling in nicely, and that the sort of problems you've had right across this project are normal, or inevitable, to me suggests an unfamiliarity with how competent website transitions work.

The most recent that I can recall straight off the top of my head was at, a community of similar size to this one. It might take a bit of digging around in the archives to find threads from the change but it could be instructive to see an example of how smoothly it can all go, even on a WordPress based site, and even without any paid staff. Also, it's ironic that what they were upgrading from was pretty similar to what you are upgrading to, but that's for another day. There are two threads you should read - one from April 9, 2010 titled "Change is coming" and another (dated April 10!!!!!) titled "Welcome to the new Mudflats". That's how it's done.

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