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1. There seems to be a layout issue with the fixed top banner and embedded YouTube videos. If you go to the A C Grayling video at:

and scroll down the webpage, the embedded YouTube video, seems to be on a different layer and will scroll over the banner instead of under the banner.

I can duplicate this on Opera, Chrome and IE.


2. Why is the font used in the comment box so TINY? I am sure many of the older folks here have vision problems, and would prefer a larger font for this editing box (should be at least 9 point).


3. Agree with many others that the comment box should be at the bottom AFTER the last comment of each page, and not immediately following the post BEFORE the comments. The popularity of the old RD.NET frontpages is because of the fantastic user comments value added to each article. RD.NET is not like New York Times etc where you are supposed to comment on the article. In RD.NET, 90% of the fun is commenting on the comments themselves!


4.  Please find a way to reinstate the total number of comments added to each article, and to sequential number the comments (1, 2, 3, ...  - I am not talking about the comment number "#456789").

In the old Frontpages, I will check the total number of comments to quickly determine if new comments have been added to the article. This was an extremely useful feature, and should not be dropped.


5.  In the old Frontpages, there was a link called "Page Numbers" just before the First Comment that will bring you to be bottom of the page. Please restore this. Otherwise, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This is the "lots and lots of unnecessary scrolling" problem that the chorus is complaining about, and which I am joining.


6. The fixed banner is taking up too much screen estate, especially on my netbook (1024 x 600). Can this fixed banner be dropped? There is no value add.

7. I just realised that if I press the <Enter> key inside the comment box once the length of my comment exceeded the original textbox design length, the editor will automatically send the carriage return to the FIRST LINE  and insert a new line at the top of my comment. This is very user-unfriendly. 

Luckily, I tested and found that pressing <Shift><Enter> will not result in this wierd problem. So <Shift><Enter> it is for the time being.

8. I was surprised that the User Profile info no longer shows the User's country of origin. I always found this info useful, because users in UK, EUROPE, US, AUSTRALIA, ASIA etc would have different perspectives. Hopefully this and many of the previously available User Profile fields will be re-instated in future (especially useful ones like "Joined Date", "Last Comment Date"). Because RD.NET to me has always been about the users who add their voices, it is always useful to see such User Profile info to understand the context that a user may be coming from.


All in all, this new website re-design reminds me of the introduction of Windows Vista. Like Windows Vista which was much prettier than the dated look of Windows XP, the new website is visually gorgeous as compared to the old RD.NET.  And like Windows Vista, the prettiness was introduced with some expense to the much beloved user functionality of the old Windows XP that was not carried forward.  I am very sure many of us like the functionality of the old Frontpages,  ugliness and bugs not withstanding. I am bewildered why so much of the useful functionality that made the old RD.NET so compelling and addictive for its users had not been implemented in the new site. Hopefully, the site admins will have these missing features reinstated soon.

Kudos to the site admins for a good job in the site re-design. It's not great yet, but I believe it will get there. Looking forward to the "Windows 7" update :-)


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