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Tyler, Question on the Discussion you created with the Title Ťëšť and a blank body. I'm assuming there is a space in the body to get around the "can't be blank" correct behavior? Still on IE8? You may have said that somewhere and I missed it. btw, thanks for testing like this - it really helps. I know it'd tedious. I've added several of your comments to the issues database and have started compiling an  abbrerviated list so people will know what's been reported and open/closed.
Mike, I feel sorry for you.  It seems you're stuck in the middle of this mess and the members are actually the ones fixing and correcting all the format issues, something which should have been done by the "Intelligent Designers" themselves.  I hpe you're getting well paid for this.  You're taking most of the beating for someone elses mistakes.  Good luck.

Thu, 06 May 2010 10:50:17 UTC | #467213