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As someone who has spent the last 23 years working on the development of AIDS vaccines and on aspects of AIDS pathogenesis, I have very little time or respect for scientists like Duesberg who have abondoned all vestiges of objective thought in order to promote their delusions. However, I also feel it would be wrong to censor scientists, no matter how deluded, if their views do not match the scientific consensus - the history of science is highlighted with too many such rebels who turned out to be right for this to be a good idea.

Duesberg has lost all credibility in the scientific community because of his stance and will be remembered as a rogue scientist who was indirectly (or even directly?) responsible for the unnecessary deaths of many thousands of people. That will be his legacy. It is the politicians like Mbeki who ignore the advice and downright pleadings of the overwhelming majority of real experts in the field to promote a personal agenda at the expense of his people that should be held accountable.

By the way, this thread is likely to attract a viscious attack by the denialists. In my experience they are worse than creationists when it comes to reasoned discussion. I once took part in a long and ulitimately fruitless thread on the old forum and vowed never to do so again.

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