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Linda TX said:

The controversy is about what really happens with AIDS and whether efforts should be spent on combating HIV when it is clear that there is at least some doubt.

That HIV is the cause of AIDS can be taken as a scientific fact. The evidence in favour is at the same level as that for evolution and heliocentrism. There is no valid controversy or doubt.

I read that some people with AIDS have latent or inactive HIV. Even one exception to any hypothesis is adequate to question it.

I don't think that is true. HIV infection is an ongoing acute infection with a rapid turnover of both virus and of infected cells. Some viral genomes will integrate but there is always active replication going on somewhere in the body. If you have a link to support this comment, I would be interested in taking a closer look at the evidence.

There are people with HIV that do not have AIDS - they have a normal T-cell count.

These rare 'Elite Controllers' are known to have a particular combination of MHC alleles that allow them to exert a much better control of the virus. This actually supports the fact that HIV is the cause of AIDS

Even if he turns out to be wrong,there is still no cure for AIDS.

It may not be possible to fully eliminate the virus from the body due to its ability to form integrated proviruses, but the modern antiretroviral drugs, when taken in combination, can keep an HIV infected person healthy for decades, perhaps for life.

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