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If you don't want to read my posts, fine.

No, it isn't fine.  There are clear guidelines you signed up to on the new site.  They included making an attempt to at least to try and be interesting, and not to use the site like a personal blog or twitter feed.

But I will post exactly as I want, unless the staff inform me otherwise.

They have informed you otherwise, in the terms and conditions you signed up to.   I have no doubt that the staff running this site are extremely busy right now (they have done a great job improving the site in recent weeks).  You could at least try and do what they have requested of you.

As for the poetry, I am no expert at all, but I find it rather dull and simplistic.  It's little more than bland statements divided up into small lines.  Good poetry can inspire the imagination in just a few words.  I have no doubt that the intention of the writer was good, and I claim no ability to do any better.  But then I'm not posting my attempts for review. 

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