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I think besleybean's sigh would have been quiet friendly and supportive without saying anything of her opinion on my writing, which would have been cool with me - if it had appeared to me in reply from a troll.

I agree with the opinion that my poems are unstructured ... i write them straight out as they come to me, and it's a personal way for me to express myself. I positively have no intention or personal interest in 'great' poetry ... the whole point to me, is that it is not great - but it's open and free for me.

There is one glaring problem with these 'great' poets anyway ... they are dead - a lot of what i write it about not looking back at old, traditional, established, dead things but trying to push towards a blank future.

I think it's nice that people are around, posting a lot of brief comments - it's friendly and open ... what you get when that doesn't happen, is something build up until it explodes out of all proportion, in the wrong place like it has here.

Anyway, like i say ... this is my first post here - i could very well and probably am wrong about a lot of things - lots of confusion, and i'm going to have to be very, very sure of myself if i ever think of anything else to post ... but 'Hi' ... calm down, will you? I thought i was the one with too many issues and worries bouncing around in my head to be taken anywhere near seriously here ... i've been writing alone, with no training and very little feedback even from friends or family (as i said in my post) - so i'm not expecting greatness or anything.

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