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Thank you corylus, maybe i should look into poetry a little more ... but i am torn and seem to have a natural repulsion for doing so (brought on by English lessons in school i think) - in favour of the way i find works for me, which is reading books by Richard Dawkins, etc ... watching Science shows on TV, etc ... and just using my outlet through writing to simply celebrate what i get to understand of it all.

I'm not saying i don't want to hear criticism of my work ... i need to ... but maybe it's just to know where i am with it - i'm happy with what i write, but it seems a hard thing to simply and easily share, just for the sake of sharing.

I find it curious that branding ones words with the title 'poetry' instantly makes it either 'good' or 'bad' ... especially as an atheist, in atheist territory here - i'd like to think life and expression were more about being 'without-label' and without heavy judgement. Stuff gets expressed and the good strong stuff survives, while the weak does not ... natural selection and all that - i find this effort to work harder to concrete our own words, by referring back to dead poets etc a bit like trying to cheat death in a way ... bah, but that's not a very good point probably - i know it's a good idea to try to structure things properly so they last, but that's not really the game i'm interested in myself ...

... it's something of a family trait that i've noticed in me - that as soon as i appear to get any good at anything, i don't want to do it anymore - it's not very clever and practical, but i do like the openness it gives me ...

... so open minded that my brain has fallen out probably :op hehe

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