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Thanks again Corylus, you're starting to turn me around ... and i hope this answers mirandaceleste too, because yes maybe it was a bad teacher - tho maybe all my own fault, cos i'm a shy person and used to be painfully so in school ... i didn't read any of "To Kill a Mockingbird" when i should have, and was terrified of being asked to stand up and read or talk about it in class - this went on and on and got worse and worse, all the way through because i never got asked ... i went all the way to the exams and made up all my answers, having read only a page or two half way through - if i picked up a copy of that book now, it'd probably fall out of my shaking hand.

In a free English lesson once tho, i switched off from everything i was being told ... and just took the words 'write a poem about anything you want' - and i wrote something that had the teacher nearly falling over with surprise ... didn't get me anywhere, but it taught me that i was better closing myself off and just writing.

So this is just where i am with it all now ... way too ignorant of literature i know, but i think my main interest is not so much the poetry, but reading, watching and following the atheist movement ... then expressing it anyhow, as freely as i can.

Thanks also RightWingAtheist ... i know those top few ones are monsters - i got a bit overly determined about them i think - and that's probably what got me posting my link on here, much more than thinking they were any good.

This has all been very interesting, and quite a ride so far :o)

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