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Comment 3 by legal9ball
if you don't repent, and cease being this way, you will go to hell. Hell, the current pope has just reminded us, is a real place where you really go to really suffer for all eternity.  Hell is presided over by an evil being called Satan.  It is a place where evil people go to receive their eternally just punishment.

Hi legal9ball,

I've just borrowed the quote from your post as a trigger for a thought that has perplexed me for a little while now, as the concept of heaven and hell portrayed by the religiose just doesn't gel for me.  And it's this:

....If you don't follow the big jesus you will go to hell and be burned and in agony for all time, right?    And that Satan is there to ensure people receive their eternally just punishment.   But if Satan is the antithesis  of the big jesus (and his other personae, the big G and the holey ghost),  why would he carry out such punishment on the people in Hell in the first place?  I would have thought that if he really, really, REALLY wanted to piss-off the The Three Amigos (Daddio, Junior and Spooky), wouldn't he turn Hell into a Utopia, a fantastic paradise of unbounded wonderand and all things good, like surfing?

A Hell like that would really piss off god, and it would really piss off all the heavenly pious wankers looking over the edge to see what's going on down there.


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