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Comment 11 by Papalinton
And further, why would Satan want to gladly do god's bidding (without any form of coercion) if he really wanted to get under god's skin? Quite silly really.

Hi Papa,

Thanks for your reply.  Interesting point.  However, once you enter the labyrinth, you're on the theologins home field.  I'm sure they've played that particular match before.  They can be beaten there, but it's tedious work.

I'm more curious as to whether the root problem that gives rise to a belief in god and religion isn't an a priori belief in the ability to betray oneself, ie, evil.  Once you believe you are a hazard to yourself, you need protection against yourself.  Let's get god to do it.  Better yet, since we're all so very busy making a living, why not hire that work out.  Let's get us some shamans to take care of getting god on our side.

Maybe the root of all evil is the belief in evil.

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