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Wow, what a world-class bullshitter. He MUST have been hitting the joint hard when he wrote that.

Let's translate it a bit:

"I don't think science can assess what is real. What is real is possessed by what is real. [editor: ????]

Science, the process of using observation to test the accuracy of a claim, is a side-effect of a culture's needs. [editor: isn't, rather, a way of assessing and finding solutions to those needs? and what culture would this NOT apply to?]

Science is also subject to people's judgment calls. To want to ascertain the accuracy of a claim, a scientist has to care about that claim, and accuracy. [But isn't this a good thing? How does this make his/her judgement less valuable?][Also, major blurring between the two connotations of subjectivity - 1) A purely personal opinion, and 2) The fact that individuals see the world from different perspectives and care about different things for different reasons. Everyone does (2), but that doesn't mean that everything in the world is (1).

Religion and science are yelling across the stadium at each other, but neither of them have put any players on the field. [Bullshitty sports metaphor, and only true if you discount modern medicine, climate control, food refrigeration, steam and combustion engines, the communications networks allowing us to have this discussion ... Those area all pretty good players.]

Just exist. [Got that covered. I hope he doesn't mean "Just exist without thinking."] Experience reality directly without attempting to possess it by reflecting on it. Hell, the only people who can do that are the ones who are good at talking in metaphor - so don't you worry your pretty little head about the world around you, or let your curiosity drive you to discover things - just let life happen to you. Or around you. Or whatever. Yeah, man.

As you can tell, it really pisses me off when people act like you can't experience life even MORE fully by actively engaging it, learning about it and reflecting on all you're experiencing. So go out there and stick it to 'em. :)

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