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Hey Gareth!

First of all, thanks for being brave and putting your stuff out there. One of the hardest things in the world is to create - and if you're terrified of not being flawless, you'll never get started. Perfectionism is just another form of cowardice if it keeps you from trying.

Second, I disagree with whoever said to start charging for your work. News flash: poetry is dead/dying in the U.S. because vanity press knockoffs like anthologies corner the market. No one reads them. On the internet, your only pay may be snide remarks at first, but you have access to an authentic audience. Use it.

Third - the main thing that distinguishes poetry from prose is rhythm. Even a free-verser like Walt Whitman has an inerring sense of the changing rhythm of each line of his poems. You've got a natural sense of it, and learning craft (that necessity for all literature) will help refine it. I recommend the book Writing Poems by Wallace and Boisseau - used it in a poetry class, taught me to love poetry and tuned my ear to its nuances. God, that book is good.

Finally - Don't listen to the h8rs. I don't know if this is really the best forum for poetry sharing - it seems it's easy for some people to get into combat mode, when we ought to manage to be a community as well. But recognize that everyone's tastes vary, "there are many rooms in the house of art," and keep doing what you love. And anything that gets the message out ... :)

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