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Trust in the validity of observation. As a former Christian, I can't tell you how many mental backflips and contortions I went through to justify Christian faith within what I knew to be true about the world. I was always just staying one step ahead of my own better judgement .. If I had been encouraged earlier to trust my observations of the world, rather than think the world is a semi-illusory thing that God might magically alter at any minute, I think I'd have come to a rational worldview earlier.

Also, I'd almost say that independence is an outgrowth of a rational worldview rather than its foundation. It was only AFTER stopping believing that I realized - hey, all those times I searched desperately for some guiding signal for my life? And then "found" one and made a decision? It was really just me, all along. - When I had this thought, it terrified me how many decisions I had basically abdicated in favor of some supposed divine plan. Very sad.

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