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An incubator for the ideology, that drove people to suicide attack the towers in the first place, is going to sit right next to the now defunct towers that collapsed, taking several thousand people with them to their nightmarish deaths. These Muslim fanatics have no shame.

I see building a mosque there on par with building a racist-national-socialist building right next to a place where Jews were slaughtered, with a great big swastika overhanging their death places.

It's so immensely un-classy, wrong, distasteful, disgusting, shameful, sadistic; it shows no thought for the deceased victims or family members.

I can't believe they would do something as overtly shocking and purposely confronting as building a superstitious inducing, hate filling incubator directly near the murder site where other incubators of this variety, motivated past people to mass slaughter other people at the same site.


Sat, 05 Jun 2010 05:46:07 UTC | #476576