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Net, forgive me, but your ignorance is astonishing.

The majority of Muslims are no more responsible for the atrocities of 9/11 than you and I are for the atrocities of Pol Pot.

Individual Muslims vary across the spectrum from the liberal and tolerant to the extreme dogmatic and intolerant. That is the same for most belief systems, even (as yourself and Condell so amply demonstrate) of atheists.

And your claim that banning a mosque does not amount to banning a religion is simplistic and self serving in the extreme. It is a bit like a dictator claiming he is not banning opposition ideas, only banning their publication in newspapers.

If you start banning, where do you stop? And as I asked you before, who decides and how? A branch of government perhaps? A branch of the police?

Freedom is only meaningful if it is freedom for everyone, even those with whom we disagree.

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