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To those of you who defend the building of this mosque on human rights grounds, you are missing the big picture. I have no idea of the specific interpretations of Islam adopted by the financiers and facilitators of this project, but if you don't think that expansion of the religion via useful symbolism is a prominent motive, you are being hopelessly naive.

The affront to human rights of disallowing this project are miniscule compared to the affront to human rights embodied in what this mosque would (or could, if you prefer) spread by empowering Islam. Sometimes small sacrifices are justified in the light of a bigger and longer term picture and getting bogged down in the absolute application of principles, no matter how valid, becomes debilitating.

This seems to me a good place to make a stand, even if we may be temporarily allied with some Christian wingnuts in doing so. Let's not lose the plot. Religious power structures must be marginalized - everywhere.

Sat, 05 Jun 2010 11:11:35 UTC | #476646