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Bang goes Richard's knighthood then;-)

Loads of people think woolly thoughts like this, but becasue he's famous, he only has to mention how often he goes to the toilet, and it's headlines.

Agree with comment 32 by Loius XIV, the very real problem is that we are pushing the limits of growth that our ecconomy has depended on for it's well being, the prime one being energy supply, ie Oil.

The kind of growth we have had in the past, was down to cheap and easily available oil, and by cheap I mean the ratio of the cost of drilling for it, to what you could sell it for, and not all the taxes and artificial OPEC shannigans that control prices. Peak Oil in two words.

If society in general rolls back to medieval times, as some of the more idoitic Green lobby want, they might actually be happier, until they want their appendix removing, or a tooth filled perhaps....reminds me of that film 'The Village'.

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