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While reading your article it struck me as very familiar. My father was deaf, losing most of his hearing due to some illness when he was about three. We talked with sign language. I would spend hours growing up and my adult life talking with him about the world and news because he was totally cut off, but I knew his brain worked just as everyone else did because he reasoned like everyone else but wasn't tuned in to general knowledge by hearing as we all are. I knew it was just his ear that didn't work, as your article describes the colour blind eye. His vision awareness I believe took over the hearing portion of his capabilities as he was vigilant as an eagle. I asked him if he would ever get a hearing implant to hear what we hear but he wanted nothing of that, thinking he would be shocked and too surprised. He was by far more visually aware than I was with my hearing to rely on. And his ability to express detailed language and ideas visually amazed me. The sign language was faster to convey ideas than talking and produced equivalent meanings as our sound talking language. I always felt his brain compensated, it was so sharp.

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