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While at school, I heard someone being disbelieved by a teacher for saying they dream in colour - "don't be silly, no one dreams in technicolour" - so it appears that, rather than seeing the normal range of colour, that teacher must have dreamed in black and white! Was it the effect of black and white films and TV, which were more prevalent then (the early 1970s), or do some people still dream in black and white?

Re comment 16 - I used to think that was what colourblindness was - ambiguity of colours, which would still be as vivid as in a non colourblind person, but the colours in question eg. red and green could be changed into one another by willing the alternative, like a necker cube, and there was no way to know which was the correct version. I'm not colourblind to my knowledge and have passed any colourblindness tests I come across. However I once owned a pair of horizontally striped blue and green socks, and by concentrating I could see the green as blue and the blue as green. Whether the stripe pattern had something to do with it, I don't know.

Some colours in dreams are particularly memorable, not always the brightest ones, but they leave a vivid impression that jumps out when you encounter that colour in a waking experience. I have seen very brilliant white light which under normal circumstances I couldn't look at because it would dazzle.

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