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@ bhm: You think that sharia "should be stopped". Fair enough, I don't disagree with that. What would be your proposed strategy?

@ bernard hurley

So suppose I locked you in a cupboard, and everyone in the street knew I had done so, do you suppose the law could do nothing about it until you broke out and complained?

Exactly how - in the situation you yourself have described - are the appropriate authorities going to find out about it?

For instance, a contract can have "unfair terms" and I couldn't legally kill someone just because they begged me to do so

As for the first - if neither party complains, the contract terms are never called into question. As for the second - you are failing to distinguish between those things which are in principle unlawful, and those things which the state can do something about. It's possible for you kill someone who begged you to do so, but the state never finds out.

The point that I have been trying to make, not clearly it would seem, is that while it is certainly desirable to ensure that women and children regardless of other condition should have access to the legal remedies that Parliament has given to them (Matrimonial Causes Act, Children Act, etc.) it is a whole different ball of wax to force them to accept remedies that they have - even if as a result of undue influence - chosen to reject.

I'm hoping to stimulate people to think things through with more clarity and attention to unintended consequences.

For avoidance of doubt, I should say that if I could think of a way to do it that would work in practice, I would abolish sharia courts AND the Beth Din. The last thing I want to see is religious principles which are hundreds and thousands of years out of date being used to resolve modern predicaments.

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