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A quote from Daniel Dennett's 'thank goodness' letter might be good here.

If you truly wish somebody to do well, then would it not be better to take the time and resources devoted to prayer and devote them to doing something that is actually useful? There has been medical research done on the effects of prayer, with the findings showing that the prayer is utterly worthless. A person who foregoes something useful for the sake of doing something useless (or, even worse, provides only the person giving the prayer with a pleasing jolt of self-satisfaction without doing anything to help the patient) hardly qualifies as a model of moral virtue.

I thank goodness that you do what you do Hitch. I am happy that my wife and I were able to see you at the '7th and I' talk you gave recently. Thank goodness that you live in a time when we can actually give you a chance with our scientific and medical knowledge! I look forward to your letter(s) upon your recovery.

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