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Admittedly, I've read far less religious literature than atheistic. Though, it's mostly for the reason that they very rarely add new arguments for god's existence. The only things that could ever convince me of god's existence is evidence or extremely good arguments, however, these books are rarely about new arguments but things like why a theistic world is better than an atheistic or they give examples of why the world is so amazing it can't have been made without a god. God of the gaps shouldn't work on any reasonable person.

I've read "all" the arguments for god, so I don't need more drivel. Most religious people have not read our arguments, or evidence (like evolution which contradicts e.g. genesis). All the great atheistic/theistic arguments are on the internet, and if anyone comes up with another interesting argument it will be up there immediately. I don't read books from either sides anymore as I find the matter done. I do read what several atheists think about various topics as they tend to be far more rational and interesting.

If they did add groundbreaking arguments it would be on the internet instantly, all over the web, but I think there's a good reason we don't see this despite all the books that "prove god" every year.

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