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It's astonishing. Believers come about their superstition via faith, which has nothing to do with reason. Then they pretend that they can defend their faith with reason. It just makes no sense to me. All they should do--all that they are entitled to do--is to stand there and say "I have faith". That's it."

You reminded me of a curious episode of 'Star Trek - Deep Space 9", where Commander Sisko, who was believed by the Bajoran people to be the predicted Emissary of the Prophets, willingly tries to hand off the role to a Bajoran man who believes that he is the actual Emissary. A Bajoran and another alien have a conversation along these lines:

"You believe Sisko is the Emissary." "Yes." "You believe ____ is the Emissary." "Yes." "But they can't both be the Emissary." "No." "Then how do you explain?" "I don't. Faith doesn't have to."

Sums the disconnect up well I thought.

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