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I "treated" myself to those first 15 pages and it's the same old drivel all over again.

Here's one of my favorite bits:

Many modern atheists are no longer content to take the "live-and-let-live" approach towards those who believe in God.

Well, duh - there goes another irony-meter. Religion, ESPECIALLY the Catholic Church, has kind of spit, shit, and pissed on the "live-and-let-live" approach for the past hundreds of years - who are they to complain about others finally standing up against that after hundreds of years? Oh yeah, right, forgot whom I'm talking about.

The funny notion goes on a few paragraphs later:

Unfortunately, most Christians have been caught completely off-guard, flatfooted and therefore woefully unprepared to counter this atheist onslaught.

I can see that. Hundreds of years unchallenged reign and suddenly people start to stand up for themselves?! I am certain they were just as surprised in France when the revolution began and in America when black people started to no longer tolerate the treatment they received there. I mean, who'd have expected that when everything was working out so wonderfully for everyone else but these people before? (/sarcasm)

Another favorite bit:

The number of those who would refer to themselves as agnostic (I don't know whether God exists or not) or as atheist (I deny God's existence) is not insubstantial - ...

Because we all know that atheists always claim they deny God's existence - and not, for example, they think him implausible. I am sure in any survey any atheists would immediately check "deny" instead of "unlikely", "don't believe", "doubt" or anything that doesn't imply that we refuse to acknowledge something while knowing better. Deny is a wonderfully misplaced word here to show the authors' mindset.

Eventually, they deny the existence of Scandinavia, apparently, because they set out to "make a case" about how an atheistic society would be brutal, tyrannical, etc. as if secular societies didn't exist already. This is, of course, followed by Mao, Stalin, Hitler ("heavily influenced by atheism"), Pol Pot, yadda yadda, same old fallacies, same old lies. Then they try to insult education by pretending it is given away with an "everyone knows" attitude as opposed to an evidence has shown attitude.

Oh, and apparently their "case" ("beyond reasonable doubt") for how we don't want to live in an atheistic society and how they will show their "compelling and solid" reasons for believing and how atheism is "utterly, irretrievably unreasonable" - is made on 256 tiny pages with a somewhat too big font.

Yeah. Save yourselves the trouble.

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