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Comment 61 by Anaximander We want a theory that predicts something and can be used to something. So that we can, for example, calculate the movements of planets, how to get rockets to Moon etc.

A Designer prevents you from doing this how? The Designer created intelligence for this kind of thing.

If we say that planets and rockets move as some supernatural being with a free will happens to move them, we cannot predict anything. There are no equations to predict what the designer wants. No point even to think of it.

I think that you underestimate the power of the Designer! Does the designer of a computer have to hold is hand to make it work? No! The designer designs it to operate using laws of physics, chemistry etc. Same with the Designer of the universe - the planets and stars he created obey the laws he also created and we have the intelligence to measure, calculate and predict.

If we say that diseases happens as the designer wants, how can we cure them or predict when and why they will happen? How can we even try; we can never know.

Who said the Designer created and wants his creation to suffer from disease? Unfortunately an enemy has damaged the creation and is doing all possible to implicate the Designer of this crime.

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