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"It all happens for a reason" is one of those sayings that people use to trup any reasoned argument.

The reason for this is because they're right by their own standards.

Now I believe everything happens for a reason, however in my opinion the reason is the cause (tsunamis happen for a reason, the reason is undersea earthquakes). of course you're talking about the magical reason that proves the event is in itself planned for the greater good.

utter rubbish I know but the reason you can't argue against it is because at some point in the future, something good will happen that will have, among all the other countless causes, some aspect to a bad event happening in the past.

The problem is, like with all forms of woo woo prophecy, there is a limetless amount of time between the bad event and the good reason that unfolds from it. It's subjective, take your pick of good things that have happened since and use it to prove you're right.

These people are incapable of seeing that while a "miracle" might happen, an example I'll take is the mother in Haiti who was convinced her child had burned to death before the earthquake. If it wasn't for the earthquake she might never have seen that her child was alive and woohoo you have a miracle reuniting. It's a poor analogy knowing the facts but you get what I mean.

The chances are for any good to happen to any one person during a massive event. untold amounts of bad must happen to others (don't worry, they go to heaven, case closed).

"everything Happens for a reason" is what we say when we're convinced we're more important than everyone else. When a christian mother says to her child who escaped a disaster that killed others "someone was watching over you" it means, "someone doesn't give a toss how much suffering they cause for the sake of relatively minimal happiness"

kudos to Jay again

you can't win it. as long as an event appears that justifies their belief they can claim a win. if not they claim the game isn't over so you haven't won yet

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