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Comment 5 by jel :

If everything is happening for a reason and that reason is god's plan, what then happened to free will? They can't have it both ways, but, as others have already pointed out, you can't win this one because they will insist on having it any way they like.

Foolish person, you thought you had them tripped up. However, in the exciting game of "you can't win", anything is possible. They have you on this one also.

You see, everything fits into God's plan. However, we have free will. So, for example, if God's plan is that Mr. Smith will die, then he will die. If YOU choose (from your divinely given free will) to kill Mr. Smith, then God's plan came out just fine. IF you choose NOT to kill Mr. Smith, then God will find another way for Smith to die.

You see, "YOU CAN'T WIN".

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 13:22:48 UTC | #496154