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No I disagree, I blame them for getting it wrong. It's not rocket science. The "everything happens for a reason" is so obviously bullcrap. I remember when I was in 6th grade and we kept getting bomb threats at our school (they were just kids who wanted an excuse to leave school, but it was still stressful and annoying for the teachers), and my mom told me how inspired she was when one of the teachers said "God is testing us." I was just like ".... um yeah I guess that could be... or some people could just be calling in bomb threats because they don't want to go to school..."

Anything can be twisted to mean something. I remember hearing a rock star remark during a difficult time "Things seem to work themselves out eventually. For better or worse, things have a way of working themselves out." Well DUH. That's what it means for an event to be in the past and not the present. I have no patience for people who insist on seeing everything through such a dumbstruck and juvenile paradigm (at least no patience for listening to them expound that worldview).

I was talking to a theist friend once, and he was talking about all the good things that had happened to him that he attributed to God, and I was like "well what about when bad things happen? Does that mean God's mad at you?" And he just said, without any sense of irony "hey, sometimes bad things happen. That's just how life is." I was totally incredulous. I managed to put it into words - "well.... why can't good things just happen?" He was just kinda like "huh." I can never believe how provincially stupid the people putting forward these views are.

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