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Kagami, you are either a creationist who has swallowed the religious propaganda about morality, decency, a sense of purpose, compassion etc being incompatible with evolution and is just trolling here; or your understanding of evolution is seriously lacking. Either way, there are plenty of books which will explain why and how in fact humans have NOT evolved into the monsters you describe. If you are genuinely interested in the subject, why not try reading some of them?

Comment 15 by Kagami :

I think you don't understand. Religion (especially christianity)is a dangerous meme, a mental virus, which seeks to disempower and weaken the person, whom it attaches to. By indoctrinating the victim with these ideas like "compassion", "caring", "love", "eternal life" and other stuff like that, the result is, that stronger, healthier individuals (without the virus)will take advantage of the person.

So, we must teach the masses in our schools, that we are all evolutionary beings, animals, whose sole purpose is to get ourselves what we want.


Sun, 15 Aug 2010 13:51:55 UTC | #500576