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Uh? I bought my paperback copy back in June! Or is this just for the USA?

I am halfway through this volume and I can't describe how disappointed I am in it! Where is the evidence as described in the title? It's just another story about evidence that is out there somewhere that everyone else seems to have seen and believed. If this book of 'evidence' is what is supposed to educate the ignorant then the ignorant are better off staying ignorant.

A brilliant read ,I hope creationists and woo mongerers will buy it

What is a woo mongerer? Is this a scientific term that creationists will never understand because they can't do science?

unfortunately, the ignorant probably wont read this book. They mistakenly think that they are already enlightened

Unfortunately I am an ignorant creationist that deceived myself into buying this... maybe I shouldn't be so harsh I still have half the book to go...

The new cover is gorgeous! The original was dazzling.

Yes the cover is well done, I think that is what sucked me in! Or maybe it was the title 'RICHARD DAWKINS The Greatest Show on Earth'

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