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Comment 21 by Grant Fleming Creationists would much prefer (like the Jonathan Sarfatti novel) an easy-reading fairy-tale that won't upset the deluded, religious thoughts swimming around in their heads!

So you have read Jonathan's book Grant? Because I'm finding Richard's novel - an easy-reading fairy-tale that feeds the deluded with anti-religious thoughts that creates hate swimming around in their heads!

The common denominator among the 'history deniers' is that they are firstly too lazy to study the overwhelming amount of evidence presented in Richard's book and secondly, find evolution all too complicated to understand.

I am willing to study the evidence, but WHERE is it! Every web site I have visited, every book I've read, every DVD or commentary I've watched have talked ABOUT evidence as though it is common knowledge (which it should be if it is OVERWHELMING!), but present little if any data from testing and experiment, details of methods used, photos of samples, details of where the samples were found, etc. Maybe you can tell me where it is Grant? Where is the OVERWHELMING evidence? I'm not willing to beleive evolution with Blind Faith!

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