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I am actually reading Mind of the Market at the moment and I have to say it is an interesting book. Ok I am no economist, but I find some of the ideas raise some interesting questions. Which the skpedic review seems to typically characature in order to easily have a go at it. In fact the review is ridiculous, the guy seems to not have understood anything that Shermer was trying to say. Instead just ranting. I do not think the book is fantastic but the Skepdic review and Coyne's blog entry are rather reactionary.

Don't know why he would want anything to do with Templeton foundation, but I can't criticise him for supporting capitalism. His book isn't really an issue of irrational thought, it seems fairly well thought out. But lending any support to Templeton is definitely a bit ill thought out.

Calling the ideas in the book Social Darwinism is a bit extreme when we know what kind of images they invoke from its history. Jerry Coyne says he hasn't read the book yet, so maybe he would do well to read it first. A bit disappointing this whole thing really.

Dinesh D'Souza endorsing the book is a bit of a joke. Yet again that man does not understand things properly.

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