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Nowak et al is yet again a small minded attack on the ONLY theory that can explain the spread of a "gene". My problem with this camp of thinkers is their inability to provide a clear testable alternative hypothesis. This latest is like all the rest of the DS Wilson camp's science fair: a focus' on what they don't want to see continue --Hamilton's inclusive fitness theory. Their brand of selection can't even handle a meiosis event.

I see a pattern emerging: Start with a complex vehicle, and mash genes in there, at the mercy of the vehicle. No elegant view of a gene here or its probability of spread. We just see a favored "group". And the target will move, depending on the flavor of criticism, because after all, their brand of selection is "multi-level". Only, they forgot to bring a theory and relate it to the favored spread of a gene.

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 11:47:34 UTC | #509126