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Comment 7 by ridelo :

Yeah all-right, but what causes gravity?

That will be the subject of much debate in the following decades and sometime at the end of this century a proeminent physicist will write a book concluding "Gravity did not need a creator, it's all just tiny vibrations!"

Ah, but then who created the vibrations? It will take the aid of computer minds to answer this one, but it will turn out that the vibrations are a necessary effect of pure mathematical logic. The universe, including all its subuniverses, parallel universes and quasi-micro-universes, is what it is because it simply is impossible for it to have been otherwise. It is an inevitable expression of mathematics, in fact it is logic itself, gloriously manifested.

The religious will look at that and say "...that's truly fascinating... therefore God!"

The sob of the Dawkins-Hawking-Einstein-Darwin-Sagan interplanetary collective mindsoul will echo through the galaxy.

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