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Comment 15 by Tony123 :

My point was that the Church has taught for centuries that the universe was created ex nihilo and here, two millenia later, you have an eminent scientist confirming that in his perception the universe was spontaneously created from nothing.

Truth does not contradict truth.

I apologise for repeating myself but Tony123 seems to be stuck in an Do... While infinite loop regarding what "the church" teaches:

@Tony123, how could an organisation such as "the church" get something as obvious as heliocentrism completely wrong based on the evidence presented to them (but yet opposing their ancient dogma), yet still be trusted as any kind of authority when it comes to complex aspects of cosmology and theoretical physics?

For example: "The church has taught for centuries that the Sun orbits the Earth, which is the centre of our Universe."

See how that works? Your Argument from Authority is worthless when the actual evidence to the contrary is presented.

Change the record please, you're bordering on trolling.

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