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When it comes to religion, Stephen Hawking is the voice of reason. Not for him the polemical style that has propelled Richard Dawkins to the fore of national consciousness in the God debates.

once again as soon as someone points out there's no need for odin there has to be a dig at Richard.

Prof Hawking has been a muched loved scientist for many years and has not often put himself in the firing line for religious arguments. add to that his disability he is a much harder legit target for the religites. Prof Dawkins is a soft target as there is already a popular backlash against him from anyone with even the slightest accomadationist leanings.

from that respect I agree, Stephen's argument may well be more dangerous to faith than Richard's as much of the nation has already closed it's ears to Richard. The religious lobby runs on ad hominem. the argument matters far less than how lovely the person arguing is. since reason matters little, the most devistating blow to religion would probably be best delivered by Rolf Harris cradling a wounded puppy.

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