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Comment 25 by Tony123 :

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@Tony123, how could an organisation such as "the church" get something as obvious as heliocentrism completely wrong based on the evidence presented to them (but yet opposing their ancient dogma), yet still be trusted as any kind of authority when it comes to complex aspects of cosmology and theoretical physics?

"Creatio ex nihilo" has always been a fundamental part of Church doctrine. On the other hand, and contrary to popular uninformed belief, the immobility of the earth, implicit in geocentrism, was never a part of Church doctrine.

I'm not sure if you're Lying for Jesus, or are simply ignorant of history, either way, you look like a lunatic posting such obvious untruths:

Here are the transcripts:

  1. Assessment made at the Holy Office, Rome, Wednesday, 24 February 1616, in the presence of the Father Theologians signed below.

    Proposition to be assessed:

    (a) The sun is the center of the world and completely devoid of local motion.

    Assessement: All said that this proposition is foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts many places the sense of Holy Scripture, according to the literal meaning of the words and according to the common interpretation and understanding of the Holy Fathers and the doctors of theology.

    (b) The earth is not the center of the world, nor motionless, but it moves as a whole and also with diurnal motion.

    Assessment: All said that this proposition receives the same judgement in philosophy and that in regard to theological truth it is at least errouneous in faith.

  2. His Holy Congregation has also learned about the spreading and acceptance by many of the false Pythagorean doctrine, altogether contrary to the Holy Scripture, that the earth moves and the sun is motionless, which is also taught by Nicholaus Copernicus's On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres.

  3. His Holiness the Pope and the whole Congregation of the Holy Office, ordered and enjoined the said Galileo, who was himself still present, to abandon completely the above-mentioned opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing; otherwise the Holy Office would start proceedings against him. The same Galileo acquiesed in this injunction and promised to obey.

Texts from The Galileo Affair: A Documentary History

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