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@ Comment 5 by Reginald

", but free trade which, he claims, leads to a set of rules that promote morality by enforcing fairness."

Actually I think this reasonable, and have been known to say similar in philosophical discussions

How in the world is that possible? Just talk to any of the local producers for your nearest supermarket (Tesco, Safeway, Wholefoods) I'm sure they have a better understanding of the fairness of free trade.

I just can't believe that someone with any "free thought" ability thinks "free trade" is moral or fair. I think your use of the word "philosophical" is redundant too.

Safeway will pay as little as possible, including below production cost, as they can. If that means producers in Canada have to compete on the same scale as other suppliers in the US who use illegal workers then where oh where are the fucking morals.

This crazy argument is a kin to the Libertarian stance that black rights would have been better served by "market forces" that civil rights legislation or the civil rights movement. Didn't work up until 1950's but just give it a couple more centuries...

I hope I'm never on the same side of the argument as Rand Paul

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