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"I just can't believe that someone with any "free thought" ability thinks "free trade" is moral or fair. I think your use of the word "philosophical" is redundant too."

That is probably because, a) you don't understand the definition of free trade as meant by Schermer (or true libertarians), or b) you believe there is an example of free trade occurring somewhere in the world today - and that is what you condemn.

When was the last time there was anything resembling free trade.... Well, I'm not sure I can even come up with an example. So, before one condemns a "concept", one needs to define that concept.

In regards to free trade, it's really quite simple. No force is used between two or more parties that exchange something. What could be MORE MORAL than that? This means no wars, no taxes, no criminals, etc. This is free trade. I think you can see why I say it simply does not exist. It is counter to human nature.

Do governments foster free trade? Not even close. Almost everything that governments do is anti-free trade - no matter what they say. For example, Nafta, was not free trade. Free trade does NOT need a million word agreement. It simply says, NO FORCE!

So, before you condemn something that doesn't exist, you need to carefully define it.

What the commenter was likely talking about is the system of regulated, taxed, monopolized, mercantilism that exists and is supported by governments. This, they like to call free trade.

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