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Comment 16 by rocket888 :

In regards to free trade, it's really quite simple. No force is used between two or more parties that exchange something. What could be MORE MORAL than that? This means no wars, no taxes, no criminals, etc. This is free trade. I think you can see why I say it simply does not exist. It is counter to human nature.

In an idea, utopian world that may be true. (Or not, I don't know.).

But in this world we have bribery, corruption, blood diamonds, the BP platform, lying politicians and businessmen and countless other problems with the ideal. Plus of course, damned religion to make things worse. Capitalism, and free trade, are not the abhorrent evil some make out, but neither are they the panacea others suggest.

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:15:31 UTC | #510497