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By your limited measure of capitalism it's easy to infer a morality, however you want to define it but come on don't tell me you couldn't manage with socialism, religion, and on. But it's still only up to the operator. Remember the story of a muslim cabbie in NY that returned a large some of money to some Greek tourist? He held his religion as his moral guide. That doesn't make religion moral or the next muslim as moral as the first.

Doesn't work for religion or economic systems, it sounds like some kind of wishful "animate qualities to inanimate phenomena" to quote a wise man. People act like people, whether they're 12th row of a slave galley doing as little work as possible or the manager who lets his colleges do all the work or conversely the enthusiastic bin man happy in his work. You just can't assume that everyone involved in any activity are guided by some inherent morality of that activity. Again catholic priests are a good example but to be more specific wall street bankers are the best example, clearly at the cutting edge of capitalism and no discernible morals let alone some magical higher standards!

This position seems a little dogmatic.

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