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This whole segment should not have been broadcast. It is a non-story, and the only real effect of broadcasting it is to intimate that there really is a legitimate debate with two valid points of view. There is not. On the one hand there are vile homophobic bigots attempting to ruin an anti-bullying campaign, on the other sane people trying to protect children in schools with programmes based on evidence of what works.

It is a terribly sad state of affairs when TV producers feel that nauseating hate groups like Focus on the Patriarchy are legitimate voices in the public conversation. And it shows up, yet again, that homophobia is one of the last acceptable prejudices, where racism, sexism, xenophobia and the like would not be tolerated in its place.

Would this segment have been put together in the same way if, instead of Focus on the Patriarchy, it were the KKK protesting against the bill? If there were a group objecting to the mention of racial bullying in classroom discussions, would this be considered a legitimate issue for debate, with speakers invited to have a discussion about it? Most likely it would not have been reported at all, just brushed off as the work of bigoted crazies and beneath contempt. Such a report would certainly not have given the bigots the last word, in an attempt to make it seem like there is parity between the positions, once the bigoted case has been utterly destroyed by the two voices of reason.

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