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But hey, since we're bending over backwards to accommodate the bigots why not humour them and entertain their notion that this or any other social studies programme in schools will "promote homosexuality". Let us assume for a moment that everything we know about the science of sexuality is utterly wrong. Let as assume as a counterfactual, for the sake of this argument, that homosexuality is something that can be chosen, can be promoted, and will increase in incidence should it be portrayed in a positive light to children.

My question is, why in buggeration should we care?

If people really could choose their sexuality, why would it matter what sexuality they chose? I for one would be delighted in such a world, where instead of a mere 5% of the male population as my constituency, I could potentially find a partner from a much greater segment of it during periods when boy on boy love was the fashion. Or, if we really ramped up the pressure to turn gay, we could make great inroads into the world's overpopulation crisis, consistently running at a reproductive population well below replacement level until the pressure on resources eases up.

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