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Because many children are going to school with kids who have two parents called mother/mother or father/father, they want and seek an explanation for that queer reality. And they do need and deserve that explanation. This could probably be creatively accomplished at a childs awareness level. But it wont be. It will and is being seen as an opportunity for additional homosexual propoganda infiltration and social change without appropriate discussions and agreements among educators and parents.

Just as the Creationist organizations will use early age education and school boards to pursue their absurd agendas, so does the LBGT organizations use similar clandestine methods to pursue theirs. Again, neither are in accordance with the interests or wishes of the vast majority of children or parents. Both are increasing in activity. The LBGT has hit on an exaggerated but apparantly currently effective bullying issue to gain new legal grounds to establish school propoganda systems.

The Creationists are recently less effective because of strong objecting groups. There seens to be no really effective groups even slowing the homosexual agenda. Focus on The Family has almost no winning arguments. Neither group will be stopping anytime soon. Both are probably societal and human disasters in the long term. The sexualizing of children has no place of sanity in a civilized society, but it is happening isnt it?

Both groups are now actively operational in the US and in the UK; and elsewhere. The shown Anderson Cooper show was a glaringly obvious setup in favor of the expanding homosexual agenda. His show seems to also be manipulating news effectively, but against, the Creationist agenda.

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