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It's astounding how the motivations of LGBT activists are twisted like this. Can't people get it through their thick skulls that we have no reason to try to turn your kid gay, and we don't even think that it's possible to do so? Our motivation to work on anti-bullying measures and the like comes from an actual altruistic desire to make life easier for LGBT kids. We remember growing up and gradually (in some cases suddenly) realizing that we don't feel the way that other people expect us to feel. In some cases it's not too bad, but for others those years were an isolating, crushing nightmare, a total ostracization from a society that they thought accepted them.

As for Wuht2Ask above, besides the fact that the "homosexual agenda" is largely a right-wing conspiracy theory, how exactly would you talk about gay parents? I think there's only one honest and complete answer you can give to a kid, which is that sometimes two women or two men fall in love, the same way as a man and a woman fall in love, and sometimes they become parents, and that may be less common but there's nothing wrong with it. That's it. I don't think that involves any more "sexualizing" than your average Disney movie, and I don't think that you can possibly get away with less information than that if you're going to explain the issue to a child at all.

There's also this weird idea that if kids think homosexuality is normal, they will start becoming gay in droves. I know of no evidence to support this. Maybe it's possible that in some cases sexual orientation (or more likely sexual behavior) can be influenced by upbringing. But as far as I know, there's no method of upbringing that doesn't produce some LGBT people, and there's also no method of upbringing that doesn't produce mostly straight people. Even weird cultures like in southern Afghanistan don't really counter the point; in such cultures many men sexually fixate on men or boys because they have no opportunity to consider women sexually, not because they have an option but find males more desirable.

Why would kids be susceptible to being "taught" to be gay anyway? Is there some reason that being gay is such an amazingly attractive option, that as soon as children are taught that it is acceptable, they will automatically abandon what is (for most people) a very strong instinct to desire the opposite sex? Certainly teaching kids abstinence does not prevent most of them from having straight sex in high school. Why would "promoting homosexuality" fair any better?

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